Tired of losing track of your drink at a party? Trong Nguyen’s unique drink tags will allow you to keep track of your drink throughout the night, reports The Sacramento Bee.

Nguyen’s solution: Mini decks of playing cards called “PartyPal drinktags.” Guests get a tiny plastic card/tag – say, a jack of hearts – and adhere it to their drink container. A much smaller, matching “baby” tag is peeled off and kept by the partygoer as a reminder.

(The product sells for $5 for three “decks,” with a dollar from each sale going to the international charity A Drink for Tomorrow, which funds clean water projects around the world.)

Nguyen can customize each pack to include promotional info for the companies selling them. So far, he has packs made for Corti Bros., Bogle Winery, La Bou and the San Francisco Ferry Terminal.

Photo by Rodrigo Senna