2D Glasses!

Does your spouse love to watch 3D movies at the movie theater? Do they give you a headache?

2d Glasses

Hank Green loves 3D movies. Unfortunately, his wife does not. In fact, she’d get a headache each time they went. He didn’t want his wife to be in pain, but he also didn’t want to give up his addiction to seeing films in 3D, so he got out his tools and invented 2D Glasses!

Instead of “recycling” the 3D glasses that my wife and I used during the movie, I took them home. After a lot of poking and twisting and gluing and cutting and cursing and sawing, I had created my first pair of 2D Glasses.

They’re not pretty, but I took them to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D and they worked! Katherine could watch the movie in 2D, and even switch to 3D for the action scenes!

She told some friends and by the next week, I had around 10 “orders” for these ugly 2D glasses. Stealing my raw materials from the theater became impractical, so I decided to get some nice ones made and make them available to the world.

BTW, I’m lucky in that they give both my wife and I a headache, so we never go see 3D movies. Maybe we both need a pair.

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