The 4 Key Elements of a Trade Show Display

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Attending trade shows can significantly increase exposure for a company, no matter how large or small, but first you need to attract attention. If no one sees your exhibition, it is an exercise in futility. This is where the effective use of display and exhibition solutions by Display Wizard comes into effect. There are four key elements of a trade show display which should always be employed.

  1. Visually Appealing – Rather than trying to whip up a quick DIY sign, start preparing early in order to ensure the visual appeal of your trade show display. Graphics are always a plus because a picture truly is worth a thousand words. A company logo and a few well placed graphics can say more than 50 lines of text. Don’t forget, a bit of bright color always catches the eye.
  2. Attention-Getting Headline – Keep this short and sweet. A few well chosen words meant to arouse the attention of passersby are all that is needed. Be careful not to add too much detail here because this is what you have staffed your booth to do – sell products or services.
  3. Brief Description/Summary – The only think a display is meant to do is to attract attention and perhaps give a brief summary or description of your company. For example, if it is a local restaurant exhibition you would certainly not list your entire menu. Instead, you might describe your cuisine or highlight an award winning chef or a best-selling dish. (This is a perfect place for graphics as well!)
  4. Company Contact Info & Web URL – Many times trade show attendees will stop by your exhibition in waves. For those times when your booth is inordinately busy, make sure your company’s contact info and web URL are clearly visible. You would be surprised at just how many people make note of this information for future reference.

Trade shows can increase exposure, which is what they are meant to do. This is perhaps the earliest form of networking known to businesses as can be attested to by worldwide Sunday markets which have been in existence for literally hundreds (if not thousands!) of years. A trade show can be likened to a Sunday market where vendors work the crowds to advertise their brick-and-mortar establishments.

However, a trade show captures a much larger audience and why it is important to do your part in grabbing attention. A professionally crafted display sign for trade shows should always make use of these 4 key elements.

Display Wizard is in the business of helping businesses capture major attention with professionally crafted display signs, flags, modular exhibition stands and banners. They also carry essential accessories such as display sign stands and portable exhibition furniture.

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