July 2014

Intelligent Street Lights

The Detroit News: It’s like an iPhone in the form of a streetlight. That’s how inventor Ron Harwood described his Intellistreets poles Friday at a ribbon-cutting ceremony launching the innovative technology. The modern poles use LED lights that can be dimmed at all hours of the day, cutting down on energy costs. They also have

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Pizza Sized Burgers

The “Pizza-Size Burger,” a new hamburger available at Burger King Japan take is almost 9 inches in diameter. It’s topped with four overlapping Whopper patties. According to Inventor Spot you can “order the Pizza-Size Burger in two different styles, though both styles are served in an odd “half & half” format with one half featuring

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He’s Making A Gouda Livin’

Even though his product is available at every diner, deli and corner bodega, one New Yorker has found success selling grilled cheese on the black market. The underground chef takes orders by text message, cooks his sandwiches on the stove in his brother’s East Village apartment, and then meets his customers on street corners. “I

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Playing Tag With Your Drink

Tired of losing track of your drink at a party? Trong Nguyen’s unique drink tags will allow you to keep track of your drink throughout the night, reports The Sacramento Bee. Nguyen’s solution: Mini decks of playing cards called “PartyPal drinktags.” Guests get a tiny plastic card/tag – say, a jack of hearts – and

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