July 2014

Real Books as Novelties

Kim Bhasin: As hard copy books go the way of the typewriter, that novelty value may be all they have left. But that might not be as bad as it sounds. Nostalgia is very marketable. When we remember the past in a positive way, we’re able to shape the memory into a happier version of

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Video Game Simulator Bizop

The British television show The Gadget Show has built the ultimate simulator for “first person shooter” Battlefield 3 video game. People would pay money for this kind of experience. The simulator features an omnidirectional treadmill floor, 360 degree projection screens and paintball guns that automatically shoot you when you’re damaged in the game. See the

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Today’s Clever Inventions

Some of these fanciful are real, while others are still ideas on the drawing board. Rotating Electrical Sockets Hour Glass Traffic Lights Reusable Candle Cat Crib Spaghetti Fork Universal Wrapping Paper Dresser for Dummies Egg Separator Pizza Scissors Baby Scooter Citrus Spritzer Cup Holding Umbrella Baby Shower Cap Armrest Table Mirror Wiper Images via imgur.

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When The Folks Give You The Biz

Watching fellow college students working for $7.50 an hour after graduation, Tana Walther, a fashion-design major at Kent State University in Ohio, snapped up an alternative offered by her father–to run a Pita Pit restaurant franchise he would buy. “I guess I bought her a job,” says her father, Jan Walther, of North Canton, Ohio.

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Talk to the Hand

Cassandra Daily: Playing make-believe is typically an imagination exercise, but Italian company hi-Fun has created taken it to a highly functional level. The hi-Call is a Bluetooth-enabled glove with a built-in phone that’s activated by users holding their hands to their faces in the universal “call me” gesture. A speaker and microphone are sewn into

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Your Employee Is an Online Celebrity. Now What Do You Do?

Photo by grantlairdjr. WSJ: A growing number of professionals are using social media to build a personal, public identity—a brand of their own—based on their work. Think of an accountant who writes a widely read blog about auditing, or a sales associate who has attracted a big following online by tweeting out his store’s latest

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