(This list is meant to be humorous, but there’s a huge element of truth in it.)

  1. If you don’t get twelve hours of sleep per night, you’re a mess.
  2. The [comparable business down the street] seems to be doing really well!
  3. The idea of missing your child’s soccer game would be devastating.
  4. You don’t have any free time.
  5. You don’t like people.
  6. You don’t read anything.
  7. You don’t work well with others.
  8. You hate change.
  9. You hate scrubbing toilets.
  10. You like things exactly as they are.
  11. You need a new hobby.
  12. You need more money right now.
  13. You need more time away from the office.
  14. You need more time with the family.
  15. You need to be right 100% of the time.
  16. You need to get your sh*t together.
  17. You want to do something nice for my community.
  18. You won’t negotiate.
  19. You’ll be sad to miss your favorite television show.
  20. You’re a perfectionist.
  21. You’re an introvert.
  22. You’re indecisive.
  23. You’re lazy.
  24. You’re planning a wedding.
  25. You’re wife is pregnant.
  26. Your business idea is OK.
  27. Your job isn’t fulfilling.
  28. Your job sucks.
  29. Your life is a mess.
  30. Your marriage isn’t fulfilling.

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