Travelers Haven: The Furnished Apartment Biz

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My father-in-law has been working fifteen hundred miles away from home for the last seven months in Denver, Colorado. Although he flies home for the weekend once a month or so, he spends every evening after getting off of work starring at the same boring hotel room walls, the boring hotel television, and the same boring hotel coffee pot. Every time he leaves the room, the emergency escape plan and the hotel’s maximum daily rate sign on the back of his door stares him in the face, reminding him constantly that he’s not at home.

Well what if he could feel at home? What if he could actually live in a home? A company called Travelers Haven know’s the difference between coming home to a boring hotel room and stepping into the comfort of a home that a business traveller can call their own — even if only temporarily. They offer furnished apartments and homes in Denver, Colorado and in hundreds of cities around the country for rates that are typically less expensive than a hotel room.

The ability to rent a home rather than a hotel room isn’t all that’s on offer from Traveler’s Haven. Helping with everything from turning on the power and TV to setting up the furniture, guests have little to do apart from turning up and enjoying the space.

The company can also help you profit from that unsold house you’ve had sitting on the real estate market for the past eighteen months. They can help you generate revenue from your unsold real estate by turning it into temporary business housing.

I’d imagine that something like this would also be useful for vacations.

Photo by Sue Smith/ShutterStock.

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