Custom Jeans from 3D Body Scans

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Fitted Fashion is using 3D body scanners and fancy software to develop custom blue jeans:

The scans, says cofounder and recent Harvard Business School graduate Jamal Motlagh, helps Fitted Fashion derive a precise set of individual body measurements that he and his team can then use to make perfectly fitted clothing.

“Self or tailor-made measurements tend to have a lot of errors,” Motlagh notes. “It’s hard to measure your own inseam. And even if you went to five different tailors you would get five different sets of measurements.”

The body scanners, which were built by a company called [TC]^2, allow Fitted Fashion to obtain a more accurate and a broader set of measurements, Motlagh contends. He and his team aren’t just incorporating traditional hip and inseam measurements into their clothing; they’re also taking into account the length and circumference of every part of the body. Design is also taken into account. Pockets of jeans are repositioned to complement different hip widths, for instance.

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