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Now here’s an idea for a business opportunity you might not have thought of before: How about starting a lawn painting business? No, really. It’s a thing. Read on to find out more.

There’s Nothing New About Lawn Painting

Landscapers have long used specially formulated dye to green up golf courses and athletic fields. However, with recent droughts in California and elsewhere they are increasingly bringing their technology to the suburbs.


According to Citylab, “The dye is marketed as safe and nontoxic. Landscapers typically charge by the square foot to apply the paint, and once it dries, the color won’t run. Prices vary but typically range from 25 cents to 35 cents per square foot of grass. On average, a 500-square-foot lawn is likely to cost $175 for a fresh coat of green paint.”

If you’re interested, here are a few companies that either sell a business opportunity or a lawn painting franchise:

Yard Green sells the Yard Green Grass Painting System. This includes equipment, paint, training, a website, and marketing materials for your lawn painting business.

Green Lawns Now offers a business opportunity for $1995. Their package includes marketing material, a backpack sprayer, and a supply of their concentrated lawn dye.


Green Canary is currently accepting inquiries from owner/operator dealers and affiliates for franchise opportunities. They provide 100% of everything you need to start and run your own lawn painting business. They even include field training and all necessary equipment. Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to Green Canary polymer coating material, your own territory, and marketing and sales support.


Photo via Turf Painters

Turf Painters doesn’t offer a business opportunity or franchise. However, they do sell dye for lawn painting. For example, they sell one gallon of their 15/1 concentrated formula for $119.

LawnPro is a South African-based lawncare company that sells franchises of their business model. Their services incorporate all aspects of lawn care, including lawn painting.


You’ll Need to Market Your New Business

If you have decided to start a lawn painting business, you’re also going to need to market your new business.

For this reason, you should learn how to touch up photos in Photoshop that you can use to show off your lawn painting skills. Understanding how to touch up photographs of grass with light and shadow and how to realistically separate shadow into different layers is critical to having a great marketing shot.

In the beginning, however, you’re going to be busy just painting actual lawns. Therefore, you might find it’s better to rely on professional real estate photo editing services.

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