A reader wrote:

I read your blog everyday and for some reason never thought of sending in one of our products.

His product is the Nighttime Cold Sweat Alarm. It turns out that one of the symptoms of low blood sugar while sleeping includes perspiration or a drop in skin temp. The Nighttime Cold Sweat Alarm wakes you at the first sign of perspiration or drop in skin temp.

Worn on the wrist or ankle, this device both sounds an audible alarm and vibrates to wake those people who experience interrupted sleep due to drenching night sweats. It triggers an alert upon detecting either a drop in skin temperature or the presence of perspiration which is how the body regulates its temperature.

Night sweats may be caused from a variety of factors. Your physician should always be consulted in cases of persistent night sweats.

Other than the purchase price, there are no on-going costs to run the monitor other than changing the batteries every six to twelve months.

Not being hypoglycemic, I had no idea anything like this existed. Good to know.

If your company makes something interesting, or provides a unique service, let me know — I’m always on the lookout for good ideas.