Emphatic (www.emphatic.co) is a new service that creates custom social media content for small businesses.

I know that sounds dull, but what that means, is that they write Twitter tweets and Facebook updates for your company without requiring too much in the way of time and energy from you.

I created a test campaign for this blog, and other than asking for my URL, they didn’t require any more information from me. I was welcome to help them by supplying any news or information that I might have wanted to emphasize, but it wasn’t required.

Within a few hours, their team of social media experts had crafted three tweets and three Facebook updates. They each looked like something that was written by a real person, and included hashtags and all that social media jazz. Honestly, they looked better than the tweets and updates I write!

I was then offered the opportunity to review them, and then after doing so, I was able to schedule them to post directly through their interface.

Emphatic starts at $99 per month for 50 tweets/FB updates and goes up from their.



The Good

This seems like an excellent way for businesses that know that they need to be active on social media, but don’t really understand how, to get started without much effort. Emphatic isn’t a complete social media manager, though. You’ll still have to respond to any replies their tweets generate to keep the conversation going.

The Bad

Emphatic’s backend allows you to schedule their custom crafted messages. Unfortunately, it could use a revamp. Having to manually schedule each one of the updates will grow burdensome and I personally would really benefit from the ability to choose an option like “Schedule tweets about every six hours, between the hours of 9AM and 10 PM, only on weekdays.”

Also, like I mentioned in “The Good,” Emphatic doesn’t respond to the replies that their content might hopefully generate, so you’ll still have to figure out how to use Twitter and Facebook. And that just might be a good thing.