Tanning In Your Pool

Cheri Garcia started with an idea. How do you enjoy a beautiful day floating in the pool while getting the best tan possible? So, she created an inflatable device, called Luminous Envy, which enhances the tanning experience.

According to NBC DFW, she is getting ready to team up with a hotel chain to get her product noticed.

Clear on the top, and silver on the bottom, it’s meant to enhance a person’s tan as they float.

“The reflective material built on the sides in the wings and underneath you, reflect the sunrays they redirect the sunrays so you get a more quick and even tan,” said creator Cheri Garcia.

Garcia got the idea while tanning in her aunt’s backyard. Useable on land or water, Garcia said the float cuts down tan time by about a third.

“On a weekly basis I have girls come over and I take their before and after pictures, mainly for marketing purposes, “ Garcia said.

Photo by Luminous Envy

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