Truck Offers Mobile Bottling For DIY Brewers

For small brewers around the world, bottling a beer is something that must typically be done manually on a very small scale or–with commercial help–on a very large one.

Enter Tom Wood’s, a British brewer that recently launched a mobile bottling operation in the form of a well-equipped truck that can drive to virtually any UK location, reports trendspotter Springwise.

Tom Wood’s has been brewing beer since 1995 under the Highwood Brewery name. More recently, the company’s versatile operation-in-a-truck has begun offering full bottling service for other brewers as well, including everything from pre-production bottle washing through a range of bottle capping options, labeling and finally shrink-wrapping.

Whether for local craft brewers, individual enthusiasts or sellsumers with a side brewing business, a mobile bottling alternative that requires no capital investment or travel will be a compelling option indeed.

Photo by Tom Wood’s.

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