How to Start a Pet Tattoo Business

Everything it takes to start a business tattooing pets for identification and recovery purposes.

I know PETA won’t like this, but earlier this week, I happened across a item in the news that piqued my interest: Sorry New Yorkers, You Can No Longer Tattoo Your Pets. It seems that the state of New York has banned the tattooing and piercing of pets. New Jersey legislators are seeking to do the same thing.

Supposedly, people are tattooing and piercing their animals. I haven’t actually seen this trend myself, but in 2011 there was a uproar in Pennsylvania when a woman was prosecuted for animal cruelty because she was selling kittens with pierced ears, dubbed “gothic kittens.”

Gothic Kittens

I read the bill, and noticed two interesting exceptions: piercings for medical purposes and tattoos for medical or identification purposes.

Tattoos for medical and identification purposes? Now that’s interesting.


A quick bit of internet research led me to Tattoo-A-Pet International.

Tattoo a pet

The company was established in 1972, and since that time they have been tattooing permanent, painless identifying numbers on dogs, cats and other pets.

You can see what they do in this video:


They offer a business opportunity for only $300, and it might be perfect for you if you like animals, or are already working with them in some capacity.

For the $300 fee, you’ll receive training, a tattoo marker and everything you need to get started immediately, including:

  • Liability insurance coverage
  • All registration material and forms
  • All promotional materials and sales aids
  • Area notification to all shelters, pounds, vets, etc.
  • Referrals sent to you from their National Advertising
  • All training aids and assistance
  • Access to a “help line”
  • Press coverage and press releases to press
  • Ongoing supplies brochures
  • Videos, posters, etc. for client’s viewing shows, clinics, etc.

If any problems occur with any Tattoo-A-Pet tattoo marker during the course of your dealership, they will fix, repair or replace it, without charge.

The tattoo marker (included) is about six inches long, self contained and is easily sterilized.

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