Inventors Thinking Outside The “Qube”

GB Tribune:

Their Qube Shaker, an innovative percussion shaker, has been marketed successfully by Latin Percussion, the world leader in production and marketing of percussion instruments.

LP has taken the technology used in its wildly successful and award-winning Qube Shaker and created a jingle version that sounds like nothing else you’ve ever played.

Inside the durable and easy-to-hold Jingle Qube is a combination of flat and dimpled brass jingles. This mix delivers a stunning combination of both crisp, articulate highs balanced with full-bodied, resonating mid-tones.

Like the Qube Shaker, the Jingle Qube can be played a variety of ways to produce a myriad of distinctive and captivating sounds. Front-to-back, side-to-side and circular patterns all produce distinctive sounds that add a unique, tambouric flair to any performance.
“The Jingle Qube is basically a multi-directional tambourine,” Schnose said. “People will be familiar with the tambourine as a percussion instrument. Some of the concepts we used with the original Qube, we were able to get new capability out of the tambourine that was previously impossible. The name Jingle Qube comes from the fact the metal plate that produces a sound on a tambourine is actually called jingles.”

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