Facelift Bungee: The Temporary Mini Facelift


She looked into what a mini-facelift would cost. The $5,000 price tag eliminated that idea.

“I went home and got my makeup mirror, and I just couldn’t stop thinking. I just wished there was a way that I could look like this, affordably,” said Aschauer.

So Kimberly invented a way.

She fastened a piece of elastic between two small combs. She attached the combs to small braids on both sides of her face. Magically…without surgery…her face lifted.

“Right before my very eyes when I was looking in the mirror, I watched ten years come off my face!”

She called the invention “Facelift Bungee.” She came up with a clever way to market it – in a jar usually reserved for wrinkle creams.

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