Inventor or Entrepreneur?

When you look at them from the outside, inventors and entrepreneurs can look very similar. According to The Globe and Mail, they are both quite “creative, pioneering, and driven to solve problems.” However, that is where the similarities end.

An entrepreneur may also happen to be an inventor, or he or she may borrow something from working elsewhere, make a slight tweak to an existing product, or just change the way something is distributed.

Or the entrepreneur may change nothing about the product and start a business, reasoning that he or she can simply outsell the others in the market.

You cross the chasm from inventor to entrepreneur once you have sold one of your mousetraps. Then the fun begins. You need to define your market, sell, collect, figure out how to scale the production, hire, manage people, fire people, and so on.

So, are you an inventor or an entrepreneur?

Photo by Stefan Baudy

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