Mining the Asteroids: The Next Boom

Asteroid Mining

This profile of “asteroid miners” Planetary Resources is worth a read, if only because this seems so out-of-this-world:

The team is currently busy at work at Planetary Resources’ new facilities, building prospecting spacecraft. Developing and producing its own technology in-house is both economic and savvy for a moderately small company with big aims, says Lewicki. “This is a way for us to make quick progress, to keep up with new tech trends as they emerge and also to dramatically reduce the cost of exploring deep space.”

The company’s current project is the partially crowd-funded Arkyrd, which will be launched this autumn from the International Space Station.

“It’ll be our first satellite,” explains Lewicki. “It’ll demonstrate a lot of the core technologies that we intend to use in the commercial exploration of asteroids. We’ve done a lot of stuff here on earth, but getting into space still has a long queue; we’re coming to the front of that line.”

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