Virtual-Strategy Magazine:

Palooza, LLC, a new tween girls clothing company distinguishes itself by catering to a small niche market within an existing marketplace. It is well known that entering Middle School is a huge milestone for tween girls. Just ask any parent, or any Middle School girl and they will produce a lengthy list of ways these girls and families are changing. It is not uncommon for these tween girls to experience big adjustments in their interests, fashion sense, and emotional needs. There are certainly new challenges for pre-teen girls and their parents. Shopping for back to school becomes an Olympic Sport to many families.

That is exactly what, one Mother and Daughter experienced when getting ready for middle school in 2011. “Together we spent marathon hours in dressing rooms at every store imaginable. Discounters, department stores, retailers, children’s stores, women’s stores and trendy young adult stores. We even tried local boutique stores for clothes that appealed to my daughter’s sense of playful fashion.” At every attempt to find clothes that appealed, there was a resounding “No.”

There isn’t a parent around that hasn’t run into that kind of response in this age group. Pre-teens are not known for their ability to make concessions when it comes to their parents. But this was different than a simple situation of give and take. This wasn’t your typical disagreement over what is age appropriate and what is too revealing. This was different because it wasn’t Mom saying No – it was her daughter. Mom was saying, “Try it, you never know” and her daughter was saying “Not for me, Mom.”

So, like many Mompreneurs, Stacey Seguin began asking questions, and observing what the options were for pre-teen girls.