She Invented Something to Keep Diapers from Sagging

When your toddler’s pants begin to droop, what do you do? Sometimes parents use a built in adjuster that makes the pants bunch up. Others may try tying loops together to make the waist tighter. Michelle Cazella invented Drapper Snappers.

The Drapper Snappers are made to be easy on parents and even easier on the kids. Instead of adjusting the waist where they bunch near the button of the pants — a potential problem for potty training kids, her unique waist adjusting band helps tighten the pants in the back. You just need to pass the Drapper Snapper through the back loops of the pants and snap them.

Angela ask Michelle a few questions about her unique product, and the inspiration behind it.

Tell us a little about Toddler Tech USA and the Dapper Snapper.

Toddler Tech USA is our own USA Children’s Products Distribution company. We formed Toddler Tech USA so that we could manage the USA distribution of Dapper Snappers as well as other mom-invented products. We are more that just a typical distribution company. We help other mamapreneurs launch their products, provide free business consultations and marketing advice, and help build brand awareness campaigns.

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