Reinventing The Shower: RoboShower


The RoboShowerâ„¢ is rectangular in design with over 20″ double-wide adaptable and one-of-a-kind head. This is to ensure that practically anyone will be able to receive adequate coverage of water flow while showering. Inventor, Mr. Audie Norr, did however keep a host of body types and sizes in mind with the design, and equipped the RoboShowerâ„¢ with the ability to go from rectangular to a triangle shape to allow users to be able to manipulate the RoboShowerâ„¢ to best fit their coverage needs.

The RoboShowerâ„¢ also comes packaged with a shower Extension Arm and plumbers Thread Seal tape for security and mounting. The colors of choice for the RoboShowerâ„¢ are silver and blue.

RoboShowerâ„¢ inventor, Mr. Audie Norr, had two primary goals in mind when designing the RoboShowerâ„¢. He wanted to provide the general public a shower system that gives options for waterfall coverage with the ever growing differentiation of body sizes of consumers today, as well as provide a shower system that was eco-conscious by saving on overall water usage.

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