Hoping to hone your business skills in an international centre of excellence? The London School of Business and Finance in Singapore awaits your application. Founded in Central London in 2003, this well-respected institution has campuses in London, Birmingham, Toronto, Canada, and of course, Singapore. Focus is firmly on giving students both the professional as well as the academic qualifications to pursue a successful business or entrepreneurial career. So what are the benefits of choosing to study at LSBF in Singapore?

You will gain real world qualifications

Business, English, Hospitality and Executive Education are the four main branches of study at LSBF, with specialisms including business studies, logistics and supply chain management, and ACCA qualifications – a must for any budding entrepreneur with the intention of doing their own accounts.

Education that fits around your lifestyle

The LSBF offer flexible learning options, including full or part time courses and an interactive study system. All course notes are made available to students via their ‘Never Miss a Note’ system and for their ACCA course, HD video recording of the syllabus has been made available.

Professional development

As well as recognition for stellar performances in the ACCA course, the LSBF offers its students employer-based training options. These include courses in Accountancy, Financial Management, Taxation, Auditing and Hospitality Management, all worthwhile ways for the ambitious individual to augment professional experience and better their outlook in their chosen career.

Studying in Singapore

Located in the heart of downtown Singapore, the LSBF campus is well-situated for its students to appreciate the many excitements of the city. As well as the superior shopping and dining options that are to be expected, Singapore comes to life at night, with wine bars, night clubs, and even a night market and Night Safari! Nature lovers can wander through its lush Botanic Gardens or hike trails around the island, while gadget fans can pick up some new kit in one of the cheap outlet malls. The cuisine is excellent, with one of the widest ranges of styles available in Asia, especially in Chinatown and Little India. There’s even an Arab quarter, the perfect spot to indulge in a little mezze under the minarets.

Opportunities abound

If you’re moving to Singapore from abroad to pursue your studies, you can be assured you’re moving to a clean, safe, exciting city with a superior infrastructure. It’s one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia-Pacific, so should you choose to remain in the city on the completion of your degree, you can be assured of plenty opportunities for employment, especially given the number of businesses choosing Singapore as their base in the past few years. The future looks bright for the LSBF graduate.