If you are setting up an ice cream business, you already have the advantage that many of us love the products that you are selling.

That is a great start, but you need to adopt some strategies that can help you make a profit and so that your sales can outstrip the competition.

Here is a look at how you can hopefully create a successful and profitable ice cream business that prospers throughout the year.

Securing your supply line

An important aspect of any retail business is being able to secure regular and reliable supplies of the ingredients and products that you need for consistency and to keep your customers happy.

Your level of profitability can be determined by the cost of purchasing the ingredients and ready-made products needed, so it is important to search out suppliers like Frozendessertsupplies.com, who have a track record in the frozen desserts industry, so that you can ensure consistency in your supply line as well as trying to negotiate a rate that works for you.

Stand out from the crowd

There are other ways of standing out from the crowd that don’t involve cutting prices to make sales.

Try to find other ways to appeal to customers that don’t involve discounting the price, which will naturally affect your profitability in the long run. Consider offering unique flavors or some different toppings that will tempt the palate of your customers and allow you to sell at fair price if the ingredients prove a hit.

Consider including some ice-creams that have natural ingredients or some locally-sourced products, so that you have more of a community niche about your outlet, rather than just selling national brands on their own.


Ice cream is always going to be geared towards walk-up customers and is the perfect impulse purchase, but there are definitely some ways you can make some sales online too.

Consider setting up an online order service for local businesses who might decide they want an ice cream break and place an order for all the workers, which you can deliver to their office or business premises.

If you have developed some unique flavors, you might also be able to ship these out to customers in pints and quarts, using the postal service. Embrace eCommerce and work on some innovative ways to increase your sales figures beyond the conventional routes.

Think about the space and place

Another way to improve your profitability is to decide how much square footage you really need for your business, so that you don’t waste money on space you don’t really need.

Decide if you need a seating area or whether your customers are more likely to collect their ice cream on the go. Also think carefully about where you invest in a retail space, looking for areas that heavily favor lots of pedestrian traffic, which should mean plenty of sales if you do it right.

Setting up a successful ice cream business is all about adopting some simple strategies and of course, having some great products and a level of service that will keep the customers keep coming back for more.

Laura Cardin has worked in her family ice cream shop for several years now. When she finds something interesting about the field, she likes to sit down and share it by posting on the web. You can read her informative articles on many websites and blogs today.