People are looking for new ways to make money for the family. Woman’s Day has a list of ways that some entrepreneurs have found to put a few extra dollars in their pockets, ranging from the ingenious to the downright weird.

Professional Christmas Tree-Light Installer
If you have a talent for hanging holiday lights, you can make money hiring yourself out to less handy neighbors and friends. Clients supply the decorations and you provide the manual labor for $40 an hour or higher.

Urban Diamond Hunting
Like going to the beach with a metal detector, it is possible to find lost diamonds on busy parking lots and sell them to jewelry stores or on eBay. There are no guarantees that you will find a diamond in the rough, but it could pay to take a look.

Mobile Advertising
If you use your car quite a bit, some companies may want to pay you to put their logo on your vehicle. maintains a database of willing drivers who get a few hundred dollars each month for becoming mobile advertising.

Parking Spot Rental
If you have a prime parking spot near a sports venue or an office complex, you may be able to lease that spot. During a sporting event, for instance, you can get $10-$20 for each car you can fit in your driveway.

Selling Hair
Are you willing to sell your beautiful tresses for cold hard cash? You can put them up for sale on the Hair Trader, an online clearinghouse for people with long, well-maintained hair. The price is determined by size and demand, but you can make at least a few hundred dollars for this renewable resource.

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