Ever wish you could have a tree house when you were a kid? Alex Shirley-Smith has made your dream come true, sort of. He has created a unique tent that can hang in the air using a unique frame or by hooking it to a couple trees, reports Tottenham and Wood Green Journal.

Whether the tent, priced from £1,000, is hung between trees or on its own steel frame, campers can get in using a rope ladder.

There are separate hammocks in each corner of a five-man tent with a double bed in the middle – the tension in the materials making it possible to walk around inside without everything sliding into the middle.

He added that it takes 40 minutes to erect the tent on a new site, but just five minutes if the anchor points on trees are already set in place.

“My passion has always been treehouses.” said Mr Shirley-Smith. “And the concept behind this is to create one that fits all environments and is also zero carbon.”

Screenshot from Tentsile