Part-Time Consigning Big Business

What if you only had to work twice a year, with enough time between projects to rest? That is the joy in a part-time consignment sale. Instead of opening up a large shop like many consigners before her, Jennifer Hundley decided to turn consignment into big events.

Having almost given up on the idea of starting her own business after the economy took a downward swing, one day it hit her. Jennifer decided that there was a need in the community for a consignment event centered around babies, children, and families. After working out a business model with her husband, Matt, she saw her idea come to fruition and Just Between Friends was born.

For the past two years, Jennifer and her husband have holding an event twice a year where families can consign gently used baby and kids clothing, toys and gear. Happening this weekend September 9-11 at the Sonoma County Fair Grounds, consigners make upwards to 65 percent on stuff sold if they volunteer at the event or 60 percent if they are just selling. Consigners can earn such high rates because Just Between Friends Events are entirely volunteer run leaving no overhead to pay to staff the events.

Partnering with Our Kids Sake, a local nonprofit serving over 1000 homeless children in Sonoma County, all of the unsold and unwanted merchandise is distributed to children and families in need in Petaluma and beyond.

Screenshot from Just Between Friends

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