Do you want a little less sun in your outdoor fun? Are the rain clouds threatening to ruin your tailgating party? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Auto-mo-brella is the solution!

A stable source of protection from the sun or rain, the Auto-mo-brella provides a way to produce shade or cover for camping, tailgate parties, trips to the park or the beach, and truly anywhere that takes you outside.

The Auto-mo-brella is extremely easy to use; you simply attach it to your car or truck’s receiver hitch for instant shade and protection from the sun or rain!

The Auto-mo-brella attaches easily to pickups, SUVs, or even cars… anything with a receiver hitch. It even telescopes, so if you need a little more room between your vehicle and the umbrella it’s a snap. It’s easily portable and sets up in seconds.

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