Bed Making Invention

Livingston Daily:

Tired of making your bed or your child’s bed each morning and annoyed by how much time it takes you?

To solve those problems, Howell resident Jana Warford has invented a bedding system called Telae that she believes will “revolutionize the way we make a bed.”

Warford said she designed her patent-pending product after several years of unsuccessfully helping her two children attempt to make their bunk beds — a feat made more difficult and time-consuming because of the bed height.

Once the idea came to Warford, she researched patents and learned just about everything there is to know about bedding; then, she made it better.

“Telae takes the simple premise of normal bedding — a comforter, blanket, sheet set, pillowcase and sham — but it’s the way it’s put together that makes it better,” Warford said.

“The fitted sheet, pillowcase and sham are used the traditional way, but the flat sheet is zipped to the comforter and is cut to fit a bunk, loft or any twin bed combination,” she said, noting that Telae is not a sleeping bag.

“That wasn’t good enough for me,” Warford said. “If I could have one part of a bedroom look done, my vote would be for the bed. Telae is quality bedding that saves time and always looks finished.”

In other words, it only takes a quick flip of the sheets and a few seconds to make your bed with Telae, and it’s easy to clean, too.

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