Inventors, The Odds Are Against You

The Huffington Post:

Just because it’s easier to get into inventing, doesn’t mean it’s any likelier to eke out a personal net profit. Oh, sure… winners win big. But the odds remain whoppingly against us, some say under 100-to-1 (compared to 35 percent win-rate in 8-deck blackjack).

Such low success rates are rarely discussed, partly because media prefer to celebrate (and we prefer to consume) the solo entrepreneur success story. Whereas 99 failure stories in a row gets rather old, rather fast.

You know it’s a bubble when it’s all up, no down. So, if you are an inventor, here’s downer news that few will tell you… you probably can’t do it. Not alone, anyway. And not without $30,000+ you can afford to lose. The odds you face are just too long. So don’t quit your day-job, OK?

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