Spending quality time with one’s pet is a commitment every pet owner needs to uphold in order to maintain the best quality of life for their favorite addition to the family. A healthy dog can live a long and fruitful life, providing companionship and protection for many years to come. When a busy schedule doesn’t always allow the proper amount of attention that is necessary, a good dog toy can provide a nice distraction while also assisting with good dental health. The Virtual Investment Group has just launched a website focused on a particular segment of dog toys which can be seen at

Finding joy while playing with a dog is a common experience for most pet owners and learning of the benefits, especially of soft toys, was key to the construction of this particular website. “Uncovering the research about the particular advantages of soft dog toys was a rewarding experience and makes building these things even more fun”, states Mark Ramos, team member of Route 72 Systems. The consistent goal of the company is to uncover under-served markets such as this and provide value where there is none.