Rent A Desk – The Pros And Cons Of Hot Desking


Hot desking is on the rise in many industries. Many employers, however, may not be fully aware of the definitions and implications of the practice, thus, leading to unsatisfactory results on the part of employees and employers.

Let’s then start with a few crucial pieces of information about hot desking.

Definition of Hot Desking

Hot desking can refer to many practices although it must be said that all of these involve the use of a single workstation/work desk for multiple employees performing multiple tasks. A few examples include:

Multiple workers use a single physical workstation/work desk/work surface during different periods of time or different shifts. In contrast, traditional office arrangement requires a 1:1 ratio – a desk for each employee.

Employees use multiple work stations for the performance of multiple tasks akin to an assembly line (i.e., mobility centre).

Employees’ communications, such as instant messaging and emails, are routed to their location on the local area network instead of just their physical desk (i.e., routing of messaging services)

Hot desking can obviously be customized to company requirements.

Reasons for Hot Desking

Not all companies, nonetheless, can benefit from hot desking with the following as the most suitable circumstances for its introduction:

  • Reduce costs in businesses where office rent eats away at the profits, so to speak
  • Lessen the costs of office maintenance when a significant proportion of the staff members are frequently out of the office or away from their desks
  • Need for flexibility in team groupings
  • Provide access to software, scanners and other tools to everyone without buying copies for the entire office
  • Individuals who rent desks can also fall into one of these categories. But first take a look at the pros and cons of hot desking before deciding on its suitability for your office.

Weigh Hot Desking Option

Hot desking provides several benefits for their users especially when it is planned and implemented appropriately.

Widen your network. Every time you visit your for-rent desk, you have the opportunity to expand your network of personal and professional contacts – and we all know the importance of networking in any business.

Get into the action. When you choose your location wisely, you can be in the midst of the action and, thus, benefit from higher productivity and better innovations for your business.

Enjoy the perks. With hot desking, you will enjoy a fully-functioning office with the works – reception area with staff, information and communication facilities including computers with Internet connection, printers and telephones, and furniture and fixtures, all in an air-conditioned room, as well as facilities like meeting rooms, lounges, and conference rooms. You will enjoy the perks without suffering the costs of maintaining an entire office.

Affordable rent. You can divert the money for office rent to other items for your business, such as products or services, to profit more.

But there are disadvantages, too, albeit minor in nature:

No dedicated desk. You will have no personal space of your own where your clients can make physical visits.

Risk of uncleanliness. You don’t know the hygiene habits of the people who used the desk before you did.

So, is hot desking for you?

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