Early Moving Color Images Rewrite Film History

The Age:

THERE is not much of a plot – a goldfish in a bowl – but the scene and others from the same rolls of film have been revealed as the earliest colour moving images ever made in a discovery that has been hailed as ”rewriting film history”.

The National Media Museum in Bradford, England, said it had found what it contends are historic films from 1901-02, pre-dating what had been thought to be the first successful colour process – Kinemacolor – by eight years.

”We believe this will literally rewrite film history,” said the museum’s head of collections, Paul Goodman. ”I don’t think it is an overstatement. These are the world’s first colour moving images.” The films were made by a young British photographer and inventor, Edward Turner, a pioneer who can now lay claim to being the father of moving colour film, well before the pioneers of Technicolor.

Photo by Jordan Lloyd

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