Dave Vogt was born without his left hand. From birth, he began wearing a hook in its place. What was a part of life for Dave soon inspired Mark Stark.

Mark went to work in his home and put together a prosthetic hand his friend could use for the tasks where a hook would fall short. Called the Natural Dexterous Hand, it is not only gentle enough to lift a wine glass, but it is strong enough to pick up a chair, reports Suburban Journals.

Constructed from plastic, each finger and joint on the hand operates individually. The fingertips have attached rubber finger cots, much like postal workers use for rifling paper. The palm of the hand uses the grip from a glove. Other building materials include rivets, fishing line, screws and springs.

Pending negotiations with a manufacturer, it could soon be available to thousands more. At least one expert believes that it has the potential to have a major impact on the market for prosthetics.

Video of the hand in action after the jump.

Photo from Edison Nation