The Bloodless Scalpel

Medical technology is always changing, and we can thank people like Dr. Kim Manwaring. He has invented the Ferromagnetic Wand. It a type of scalpel that cauterizes while cutting, minimizing the amount of blood loss that occurs during surgery.

Unlike current electrosurgical tools, the wand uses a paper clip-like tip coated with a special alloy that creates a magnetic field. Inventor Dr. Kim Manwaring says the alloy is so thin that it flashes into a pure heat. It directly hits the target, instantly heating or cooling at the surgeon’s command. No electricity passes through the body as it cauterizes while it cuts. And since there’s no deep absorption as with other tools or even lasers — surrounding tissue is not burned or damaged.

The wand potentially could lower overall risks to the patient. Less time in surgery and less scarring could promote faster healing and recovery.

Photo by Spirit-Fire

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