People taking chemo often suffer from a metallic aftertaste while eating. So, Don Ladanyi developed an organic flatware option that won’t leave behind that metallic taste.

“Don’s taste-inert flatware is a cool idea because it solves a very basic problem — that is, how to neutralize the unpleasant taste caused by standard flatware when your sensitivity to metal or plastic is acute,” Proto Labs founder Larry Lukis said in a statement. The company plans to spend up to $100,000 in 2011 on inventors looking to get their products into the marketplace, according to Proto Labs’ website. “With Cool Idea!, we want to stimulate innovation by helping deserving products move past the idea stage to market viability,” Lukis said. “Toxin-free flatware that restores the dignity of mealtime to cancer patients certainly fits the bill.” Photo from TruFlavorWare