People Pay Farmers to Let Their Dogs Herd Sheep

Photo by skoestr

Does your lazy, overweight house dog dog tire of sleeping at the end of your bed and waiting patiently for you to arrive home each night really yearn to be a sheep dog? Probably. And, since people will pay for almost anything related to their pets, companies have sprung up to let your house dog herd sheep!

American Public Media has more:

ANN DORNFELD: On this chilly Saturday, half a dozen city-dwellers are lined up with their dogs along a muddy field. The dogs are waiting for their turn to chase a flock of sheep into a tiny pen.

Sylvia Griggs is the facilities manager at Fido’s Farm, an 80-acre spread with hundreds of sheep. It’s been in operation for seven years. Griggs says business is booming thanks to the growing popularity of herding dogs as pets.

SYLVIA GRIGGS: A large base is mainly Australian Shepherds. People have no clue how active those dogs really are. They’re not designed as a pet. The dogs are bred to work, to have a job, and they don’t do well if they don’t have some type of outlet.

Photo by skoestr.

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