Virtual offices provide individuals the opportunity to work from wherever they like, and whenever they like. Be it the beach, the golf course, a coffee shop or the kitchen table, you can, work in a virtual office from anywhere. Businesses are increasingly looking forward to this type of office to save costs. In fact, be it increasing productivity or doing more in less time, you can do a whole lot more with a virtual office.

So, if you are thinking to buy a virtual office London, here are five benefits that you should know about them.

  1. No commute time: This is probably one of the major advantages of virtual offices, especially for people who lose time traveling from home to office and then back home. It has been found that two to three hours that was spent on getting ready and traveling to work every day, is now spent on working. This has led to an increase in productivity, and those working are more focused.

  2. Flexible working hours: Having the opportunity to work whenever one likes, enables the individual to do things he or she would typically have to use the vacation to do. So, working out at lunchtime is not a problem because you have a shower in your office now!

  3. Active employees: The University of Sydney’s School of Public Health in Australia released a study a few years ago, that found out that working for more than 11 hours a day sitting at one’s desk increases the risk of death by more than 40 percent for the next 3 years irrespective of other activity. However, if one works comfortably from wherever he or she wishes to, then he/she will naturally move around without getting chained to a desk for long and stretched out periods of the day.

  4. Low to no technology costs: The BYOT or Bring Your Own Technology system started in schools, but has rapidly made its way into the business world as well. Virtual offices are also beneficial for one’s small business. Remotely working individuals can have the technology of their choice, and upgrade it responsibly and conveniently. Although the absence of a company-provided technology increases risks of cyber crimes, but that can be easily managed with monitoring, a password tool and employee training.

Additionally, there are no utility payments, office lease and hardware that come along with a brick-and-mortar space.

  1. Immediate increase in work productivity: People keep their jobs, if they meet or exceed their goals. If that does not happen, it is visible soon and can be removed because no one is there to save them. Also, allowing individuals to work remotely decreases turnover. People are usually happier to be able to do their work without having to deal with the chaos or drama that arises from putting together a bunch of employees together. Also, one has access to talent globally, which does not require fees of relocation.

You can find a virtual office in London as well that suits your budget.