Making Tables From Hangers

This is Somerset:

The patriotic table tops are the work of inventor and entrepreneur Nick Stillwell, who created them using recycled coat hangers supplied by the Frome store.

Between 500 and 600 coat hangers have gone into each of the first two 8ft by 4ft table tops, each weighing 35kg.

Mr Stillwell, who founded Protomax, a plastics engineering company based in Vallis Way and in Swansea, produces panels and other bespoke items using a mixture of recycled plastics, concrete, wood, blast aggregate and more.

His machine, which turns mixed waste into usable everyday items, is the only one of its kind in the country.

Mr Stillwell described his product as the new MDF – medium-density fibreboard – an engineered wood product used a building material in similar applications to plywood.

He said: “But it is also suitable for inside and out as it does not rot, perish, warp or rust and is completely frost proof.

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