Lesser Known Inventors: Ernie Fraze

The next time you get ready to open a soda or beer can, you can thank Ernie Fraze.

Ernie was attending a picnic one day when he realized that he had forgotten to bring his can opener. It resulted in him having to open his drinks using the bumper on his car. A few months passed, and the problem was still on his mind. So he decided it was time to create a solution, reports Business Insider.

Fraze designed a new kind of can, often referred to as a pop top, that could be easily opened with a removable tab. Eventually, his company began manufacturing a system of mass producing these cans to be used by soft drink and brewing companies everywhere. By 1980, Fraze’s company was pulling in over $500 million dollars of annual revenue from his brilliant invention.

Photo by Sh4rp_i

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