At Inventables: Wet Surface Ink is the innovator’s hardware store. Whether you’re an inventor, artist or a tinkerer, you’re sure to find something useful at This week’s featured product is Wet Surface Ink.

The marker pictured is capable of writing on wet surfaces. It contains a liquid ink just like a typical marker, only it has a special formulation to work on wet surfaces. The ink requires exposure to air for a couple seconds to fully set. Also, the markers are designed to work on nonporous surfaces such as metal, plastic, and foam.

This marker is perfect for use outdoors, for example, to mark industrial equipment that may be wet. It can be used on products prone to gathering condensation, such as food packaging. Other applications of this technology could include creating children’s coloring books and games for use in the bathtub, and possibly the development of paints that could be used on the hull of a boat while it was still submerged in water.

This ink differs from other inks because of the resin. Ink in markers and pens consists of three main parts: the colored dye, a resin that allows the dye to adhere to the surface, and a solvent to keep the ink liquid. Most markers use a alcohol or water-based resin, but this marker uses an oil-based resin that does not react with water.

The ink is available to manufacturers in 55 gallon drums.

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