Hair Clippers With A Ferarri-Inspired Motor


So here we have the BaByliss Pro Volare clipper. Your $200 gets you a three-speed cordless haircutting device with an easy-grip rubberized back, a one-hour quick-charge time, a moving steel blade coated in diamond-like carbon, and a fixed steel blade coated in titanium. It is red. Its “Ferrari-inspired” electric motor runs for a claimed 70 minutes with a full charge and comes with an assortment of useful accessories — a charging stand, oil, a cleaning brush, a selection of comb attachments. A dial at the top of the clipper lets you adjust cutting depth from 0.8 to 2.0 millimeters in increments of 0.3 millimeters. The blade has a one-year warranty. The clipper itself is good for two.

My test unit came in a gloss-black presentation box, one festooned with slogans like “success is built upon the performance of the engine and blade,” and “finest professional clipper made.” It also came covered in someone else’s hair, the leftover snips of a previous reviewer. This was harmless, albeit slightly creepy. As a result, I did not try it on my own hair, though I did use it to cut the locks off a Barbie doll bought specifically for the purpose. When I was done, Barbie’s head felt smooth as suede and she looked like a young Debbie Harry. I suppose that’s what you’d call a success.

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