Parking With Your Tastebuds


Brazilian company GrupoFourMidia is now including a variety of tastes and smells on parking tickets across the country.

Having already experimented with unusual mediums for advertising – take its pizza boxes with sound for example – GrupoFourMidio observed that once drivers buy a parking ticket they often place it in their mouths while looking for a space. By infusing the tickets with an aroma or flavor related to the product advertised on the reverse, the scheme enables brands to immediately catch potential customers’ attention and draw their eyes towards the printed advertisment on the ticket. A variety of tastes and smells can be captured and included on the tickets making the channel suitable for those involved in the food and beverage industry, as well as brands selling perfume or pleasant-smelling goods.

Would you buy a product by how it tastes on your parking ticket?

Photo by Howard Young

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