Personalized Wine Bottles is a company that creates hand-painted and, hand-etched wine bottles. Customers can select everything from the design of the bottle to the type of wine allowing for a truly unique personalized wine bottle entirely over the web.

Ordering from is done in three easy

1) Choose a Design. Customers select a category for the
occasion. Templates range from holiday Christmas trees and
menorahs to weddings, birthday designs and humor messages
such as “You had me at Merlot.”

2) Customize and choose a wine. Bottles can be further
customized with two lines of text allowing for a
personalized message. Customers may also order a design
without customizing it further. All designs and messages are
hand-etched and hand-painted on the bottle.

3) Place Order. Designs and personal messaging are $75, plus
the cost of the selected wine ranges from $7-$37.50. Gift
bags can be purchased for an additional $2.50. From order to
shipping takes seven days. Delivery and prices are based on
personal requirements and are selected at checkout.

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