Summer Camp for Detectives

Summer camps aren’t just for archery and basket weaving anymore. The newest camps are borrowing from the latest television shows and replacing swimming and capture the flag with crime solving. The Wall Street Journal has more:

On a summer morning in southern New Jersey, a team of crime-scene investigators gathered around a body lying face-down in a small pool of blood. They surveyed the nearby evidence: a party hat, a stray earring, push pins, cashew nuts.

“Oooh, cool,” said Asia Cadet, a 13-year old investigator, as she crouched low to study the face of the deceased dummy corpse. “His nose is crushed.”

It is day one at Stockton CSI, a summer camp for students with a passion for forensic science and crime shows like “CSI.” “I’ve always been interested in blood analysis,” says Ms. Cadet.

A bloody footprint is marked as evidence at the site of a mock-murder scene at the Stockton CSI summer camp.

Photo by Frettie.

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