Ready, Set, Start A Business

Was your new year resolution to start a new business? Don’t let the economy get you down. 10 News recently discussed some of the other areas you need to remember when launching your startup.

Just ask Yanina Rosario, Assistant Director of the Small Business Development Center at USF.

“If you don’t feel you can overcome all of the risks involved in starting your business and growing your business, the economy doesn’t matter. We have seen throughout the years, many companies start during really difficult years and they have grown tremendously,” said Rosario.

The SBDC’s goal is to help you start up your business through free one-on-one counseling. Whether it’s just getting started, creating a business plan, finding the money or market research, the SBDC can help.

You just have to have two things…the idea and the drive.

“The right time is when you [feel] confident and okay with the risks involved,” said Rosario.

Photo by Ben Ostrowsky

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