One Polish company is remaking cubicles by designing offices to look like little villages.


A threesome of pro golfers has teed up a line of craft beers targeted at golfers.

Just don’t drink and GolfBoard.

Agriculture & Halloween

How do you sell 5,500 pumpkins for $75 each? Grow the pumpkins to look like Frankenstein.


Is there a market for a 10 second toaster?


One Chinese cell phone company has employed onsite tailors to enlarge customers’ pant pockets for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Digital marketers have discovered gold in selfies by mining them for products, clothing, logos, scenery and emotions.

A venture capitalist has started $100 million fund to invest in startups straight out of sci-fi: asteroid mining, computerized brains, lifespan extension, drones.

International Business

Kenya’s business landscape is changing at dizzying speed: from roadside stands to international franchises (Subway, Domino’s, Cold Stone Creamery, etc.) in less than a decade.

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