The Headshot Truck, Artisanal Ice and More: Business Ideas in the News

Business Ideas in the News is a daily summary of the most interesting business ideas in the news.


Is carbon farming the next big thing in “green” agriculture?

You won’t find a hayseed in this bunch of farmers, because they’re all robots.


A startup named Phonio enables celebrities to record mass messages for their fans, that are delivered to as a phone call.

Truck Businesses

Move over food trucks, the Headshot Truck is taking Los Angeles by storm.


Since Marty McFly rode a hoverboard in 1989’s “Back to The Future II,” people have been dreaming of making the toy a reality. It looks like someone has figured it out, and their ultimate goal is not just to levitate hoverboards, but houses!


Are cheaper weddings going ti come back into style?


This chef builds food molecule by molecule.

The rise of expensive cocktails has bars scrambling to justify their high prices. Their response: artisanal ice.

And Finally

Just in time for Halloween: The Zombie Fortification Cabin is a three-compartment compound that will allow you to safely ride out the end-of-the-world in comfort. For $113,000 it includes: an upper deck with escape hatch, barbed wire, a garden section to grow food, toilet system, weight machines, kitchen with microwave, a record player, and an Xbox with Plasma TV.

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