What is Property Field Inspection?

I have so enjoyed your website, and wait for each new email. I have been trying to research more about “Property Field Inspection.” First I am a woman, second every thing I bring up is about the Mechanical Inspection or Appraisal of property. After spending months researching endless possibilities, this business appeals to me the most. Working alone and travel who can beat that! I have tried many endless business opportunities that went okay, but not enough to keep food on the table. I would love to know more about this type of business, any suggestions?

Thanks for your question. It is a very common one. Lots of people interested in field inspection as a possible business opportunity. So, first, in answer to your question, yes, field inspection is a real business. But truthfully it’s more like a job.

Field inspectors visit houses and businesses and complete an assigned report on the location and usually take a photograph or two.

Field inspectors make money by being paid a very small fee per inspection. Who is paying for inspection varies based on the economic conditions in your area.

If the real estate market is up, the demand comes most from insurance companies. They want to verify that something being insured actually exists.

If the real estate market is down, most of the demand comes from lenders, and other companies involved in the liquidation of foreclosed properties.

If you want to do this, here are three things to keep in mind:

  1. The more companies you can develop a professional relationship with, the better. (Sales & Marketing)
  2. You’ll need to maximize the efficiency of your route to reduce your car travel expenses (Logistics)
  3. You’ll have a lot of time alone in the car traveling from one location to another. Figure out how to do something else to make money while driving. (Research & Development)

I hope this helps and gives you some idea.

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