An “uber” for haircuts. I could use one right about now.

If the “Ebola epidemic” in the United States did anything, it created a demand for all kinds of new medical tests, including this cheap paper one that works in 30 seconds.

American’s are renouncing their citizenship in record numbers. Wonder when someone’s going to a launch an Uber for this?

Not every millennial dot-com startup junkie wants to make the next, best, dating app. Some want to change the world.

Dog translation? That’s a thing. So is sign language translation.

Selfies are a international pastime, it seems. Here’s how some are cashing in on the trend.

We’ve been eating the same banana for years (via cloning), and they taste boring. Someone should make a better one.

An “Uber” for Halloween costume delivery? Really?

Someone is going to make a billion dollars (probably more) cleaning up the Ganges River in India.

These entrepreneurs sell rock music for babies, that’s really for adults. Confused yet?