Tanning and Teeth Whitening, Together At Last: Business Ideas in the News

The California drought has reduced the world’s supply of rice. Someone will profit.

Food to bland? There’s an electric spoon for that.

What happens when you cross a tanning salon and a teeth whitening clinic? Tan Your Hide & Brighten Your Smile. Is this a franchise-able concept? I think maybe.

A 20 year old South Dakota man has invented, and sells, a device to prevent grain bins from clogging. The best part? There are no moving parts.

How do you rent photo booths at weddings in the age of the ubiquitous cellphone and selfie? You make the booth “viral.”

Did your town have a building boom in the 1980s? Those buildings are ancient! It may be time for new exterior skins, smart energy systems and public spaces that were not considered by the designers of the original building.

From Japan: Risqué Statue of Liberty dolls. What’s next, Benjamin Franklin in his speedo?

What happens when you strap an air purifier on your face? This.

It’s been a tough week for space travel. If you’re planning a trip to Mars, or want to honeymoon on Venus, be sure to stock up on space travel insurance.

Is there a market for used Michael Jordan branded products? One entrepreneur in Brooklyn thinks so. They’ve opened a Michael Jordan consignment store.

There’s a business opportunity in mislabeled shrimp, I just don’t know what it is.

Meet the woman who trains robots for a living.

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